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Corporate Financial Planning

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Transferring out of a Final Salary scheme is unlikely to be in the best interests of most people

Corporate Financial Planning is designed to provide your company with the advice, tools and solutions necessary for it to grow and meet its objectives. 


Before you decide to use our services, we will take the time to understand your company’s objectives, challenges, current circumstances and strategy for the future. We will then discuss how we can work with you to help achieve your company's financial goals while taking into account the personal wealth goals of the owners, directors and senior employees. We know how to work with accountants, lawyers, tax advisers and trustees to provide coordinated advice, whether you require our services on a one-off or ongoing basis.

How can we help?


Wealth Management

For those that are self-employed, business owners, company directors or shareholders, managing your wealth in a way that meets your business and personal life interests can be a challenge. 

Although there are complexities involved in managing multiple financial interests and objectives, there is greater flexibility and control. Alongside professional advice and guidance, you may be able to adapt your financial arrangements to your changing circumstances to help you meet all of your financial aims in an effective and flexible manner.  


We will deliver our advice through an integrated and bespoke combination of personal wealth and corporate financial planning areas that are relevant to the circumstances and objectives you, your family and your business have. We can work alongside your other professional advisors and representatives such as accountants, tax advisers, solicitors and company boards to ensure you receive a seamless and holistic service.


Company Pensions

Workplace Pensions Advice

We can help you review your existing pension scheme and, if needed, recommend a new one. We will work with you to establish your company's objectives and research the needs of your workforce to make your employees more engaged with their pensions as well as delivering a better return on your investment as an employer.

Retirement Options Service for Employees

Most employees aged at least 55 now have total freedom over how they take an income from their pension. Therefore it's more important than ever that employees get the information they need to understand the options available. Our Retirement Options Service helps members to understand their options in more detail and make the most of their retirement.

We can deliver this information through group presentations or on an individually advised basis and in a setting and format that suits each business. A major benefit to this service is that it significantly drives down the cost of providing retirement advice and information, that would otherwise be too expensive for the majority of employees. 

Auto Enrollment 

In-light of auto-enrollment we can help evaluate your company's pension scheme to ensure you are meeting your employer duties. In addition to helping ensure your scheme satisfies The Pension Regulator's principles and delivers good outcomes for your employees, we'll set up regular governance meetings, advice you default fund selection, monitor its performance and give you on-going regulatory and technical updates.

Our workplace pension platform helps to improve employee engagement in your new workplace scheme and reduces administrative support by providing an online portal for employees to easily see and manage their pension online and by allowing your accounts team to automatically connect and synchronise the payroll to the workplace pension scheme. 

Final Salary Pension Transfers

We can provide specialist advice to companies who have Final Salary (Defined Benefit) Pension Schemes and are keen to maintain the highest levels of governance and the most suitable possible outcomes for their members, but also reduce their pension liabilities and trustee responsibilities. We can also provide the necessary pension transfer advice to the individual members at a competitive cost. 

Unlike most other corporate financial advisers, we do not outsource the advice for such an important matter. This helps to both speed up the process and significantly reduce the overall cost of advice. 

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Protecting your Company

Just as we all protect our home and car, it is just as important as a business owner or director to protect your income and business. How would your business deal with losing one of your most important employees through a serious illness or death? How could you run the business effectively if your company’s shares ended up in the hands of your fellow shareholder’s errant family through inheritance?

The death or serious illness of a key director or employee can have serious consequences for a business, such as:

  • Loss of profits

  • The recall of loans

  • Reduced capacity

  • Loss of key clients/contacts

  • Reduced practical know-how


We will undertake an in depth review of your business and work with you to implement a tailored and affordable protection programme to protect your business from key risks and ensure it can absorb unexpected events. 


Employee Benefits

​Introducing tailored and flexible Employee Benefits into your business can make your employee's salaries go further, and can increase engagement, loyalty and morale. Studies are showing that employees look for non-salaried benefits more and more, and so introducing such benefits can help you retain and attract the best talent. 


Your adviser will discuss in-depth your business, it's objectives and your employee's needs and then will recommend an appropriate programme of the following types of employee benefits:

  • Flexible benefits – allows employees to create a benefits package that meets their own individual needs enabling you to respond flexibly to the varying benefits requirements of potential recruits

  • Salary sacrifice arrangements – facilitating employee access to tax-efficient benefits whilst at the same time reducing employers' National Insurance costs

  • Private medical insurance – ensuring your employees' health and wellbeing and reducing their absence from work waiting for medical treatment

  • Group Life, Income Protection and Critical Illness – these are important benefits that not only form a key part of a comprehensive employee benefits package but also enable you to manage your business more effectively

  • Advice surgeries - Employees find real value in receiving personalised advice and information on their pensions and investments that they would otherwise not be able to afford or be aware of. We will help them to understand and manage their money better and as an employer, it is one of the most useful benefits you can provide

  • Day to Day Benefits - ‘Bike To Work' schemes, high street discounts, Gym membership, Parking etc. 



Corporate Financing

There are now more options for ways to raise finance for your business than ever before, and with this comes more complexities and details to consider.


Corporate Finance is more complex than Personal Finance and your options will depend on your incorporation status. You will also need to think about the level of personal guarantees and business assets you want to give for security and whether there is a more tax-efficient way of raising the capital you need, possibly through an EIS or VCT. 

If you're looking to buy new premises or want to refinance your existing premises, then you will need a commercial mortgage. With each premises being unique, each mortgage will be assessed and priced according to it's risk, we will be able to save you a considerable amount of time by referring you to a commercial mortgage broker on our approved panel. They will research the whole market and quickly identify the most suitable and affordable mortgage available for your premises and business needs.


EIS and VCT invest in assets that are high risk and can be difficult to sell such as shares in unlisted companies. The value of the investment and the income from it can fall as well as rise and investors may not get back what they originally invested, even taking into account the tax benefits.


Business Succession

Business succession planning is the process of determining how you are going to transfer ownership of your business and transition out of your role.


We can work with you and your other professional advisers in the development of your succession plan as well the transition, management and decumulation of the wealth generated into your personal estate and future projects.


Our aims as holistic financial advisers in these projects are to:


1. Maximise wealth and efficiency for both you and the business.

2. Develop a strategy that is suitable for your own circumstances and short and long-term goals as well as your plans for the business going forward.

3. Ensure you understand the financial implications of your decisions about your business on your wider financial arrangements and other projects and interests.


Our expertise and resources will cover all areas of financial planning including taxation, IHT and trusts, investments, pensions and retirement planning and property. 

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