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Estate planning and Tax planning are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested. 

Executive Wealth Management

Our Executive Wealth Management service provides a tailored and holistic, yet cost-effective approach to building, maintaining and passing on your wealth. It is designed for those individuals who typically have more complex needs and requirements in such environments where the longevity of wealth and income cannot be guaranteed.

It is more than a wealth management service. It is a traditional private or family office service that uses an effective combination of personal and corporate financial planning solutions. It encompasses pre and post exit planning, cashflow forecasting and analysis, tax and legacy planning, implementing appropriate tax and wealth structures and cash management.

We aim to be your one consistent and trusted adviser that will help navigate you through all stages of your financial life and accordingly adjust your arrangements as your needs, priorities and the economy change. The solutions we implement will be designed to help you reach your short and long-term goals and safeguard your financial future. 


We will ensure your overall investment portfolio is properly diversified and our expertise can be invaluable for mitigating losses during market crashes and recessions.

We don’t handle client money and we have none of our own products or vehicles to sell meaning that we are always sat ‘on your side of the table’. We make personal recommendations after assessing your needs and do not use off-the-shelf solutions. If we make a recommendation or appoint a fund manager it is on your behalf and best interests and not that of the firm’s.

We regularly work with existing advisers such as lawyers, accountants, financiers and company boards. We believe an integrated approach is one of the most important elements in financial planning as good communication and relationships between your professional advisers will ensure you receive the most cost-effective and streamlined process.

Who is Executive

Wealth Management for?


We have a wide range of clients with unique needs and circumstances and each requires a different approach. However this service is most effective for the following types of individuals:

Company owners, directors, partners and shareholders

where there is a clear need to take into account or combine personal and corporate financial planning solutions such as pension, tax planning and succession planning.

Senior employees and executives

where benefits are performance based or not wholly guaranteed.

Individuals facing a 'Big Life' event

such as marriage, divorce, death, selling or buying a business or winning the lottery.

Entrepreneurs, professional

investors and family groups

with several business or charitable interests and require a more detailed and holistic approach to the overall portfolio while meeting the individual needs of the owners and entities themselves.

Media, Entertainment

& Sports Professionals

such as producers, djs, performers, actors, professional sportsmen and women, agents and distributors who need specialised, sector specific advice and help with safeguarding  assets in environments where the longevity of wealth and income cannot be guaranteed. 

Internationals and expats

with UK assets and wealth that need to be regularly monitored and reviewed or who have constantly changing needs.

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