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Long Term Care Planning

The UK has an ageing population, and with medical advances, this is only looking to increase. With more of us living longer, our social care needs are evolving and it's more than likely we will all need some form of care in our lifetime. 


Traditionally in the UK, long term care was provided by the family and community that they live in. However modern-day living now means that families are more widely spread and this makes the provision of long term care for an elderly relative much more difficult.


If long term care cannot be managed within the family unit, professional advice can be valuable in exploring and comparing all of the available options and putting in place the necessary arrangements to ensure the suitable care arrangements are in place if needed.  


Domus Financial Services Long Term Care Planning

Things to think about:



  • Who (in your family) most needs long term care and for how long?

  • Do you need a care plan now?

  • Whether you should be planning ahead for yourself or a loved one 

  • Do you have the money to pay for long term care?

  • How long might you need to pay for a care plan?

  • Is home care possible or is a nursing home required?

  • What kinds of help would be required? For example, help with dressing, using the toilet, feeding or mobility

  • Whether your home requires additional features such as a stairlift, an opening and closing bath or a bath chair or home help?


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