Our Team


Our management team have an average of nearly 30 years experience working within the finance industry in different roles and environments. Each adviser contributes their own strengths and skills, encouraging a well rounded advisory firm with the depth of knowledge essential to maintaining our high quality of advice with even the most complex cases.


The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Mike Haigh DipPFS - Managing Partner & Financial Adviser

Mike Haigh is the managing partner of Domus Financial Services and has been providing advice to families, individuals and companies since 1986. In that time he has held a number of high level appointments with both insurance companies and wealth management firms. 


Highly qualified and experienced in all areas of financial advice, Mike is a specialist at advising clients on their retirement planning and is a graduated member of the Later Life Academy. Mike also advises many small and medium sized businesses, and their respective directors and executive staff, on achieving their financial goals on both a business and individual level. 


Locations: Bristol, South West, London

Specialist fields: Retirement Planning, Investments & Corporate Advice

David Pates - Associate

David has been working as a financial adviser for the past 30 years specialising with individuals and family wealth. Operating under Pates and Pates Financial Solutions, a trading name of Domus Financial Solutions, David and his team bring a high level of personal service unseen with today's financial advisers, which has been recognised by his clients, the majority of which have used his expertise for at least 15 years but also across generations as their children and grandchildren have required financial advice. 


Locations: Bristol, South West, Oxford

Specialist fields: Retirement Planning, Investments, Family Wealth

Alex Johnston - Financial Adviser - CeMAP DipFA CeRER AwPETR MLIBF

Alex Johnston joined Domus Financial Services in early 2014 working in mortgages and providing support to the management team. He now works as a financial adviser specialising in Retirement Planning, Mortgages and Business Financial Planning for the self-employed. His achievements with his work and studies in this relatively short period has demonstrated his commitment and high standard of knowledge required to deliver the highest quality of advice to our clients. 

Locations: Bristol & South West

Specialist fields: Retirement Planing, Mortgages, Armed Forces, Business Owners

Simon Pates - Financial Adviser

Simon, the son of David Pates has been working in financial advice for over 5 years. His main role is providing expertise and support with the firm's clients.

Eugenie Parker - Administrator

Eugenie has worked at Domus Financial Services for over 10 years. Her high level of specialist and technical knowledge earned from her previous career as an adviser, has proven a key factor in our clients receiving a seamless, fast and efficient service. Her understanding of the industry and financial providers ensures that delays, obstacles and provider issues, a client would normally face are significantly reduced if not avoided altogether. 

Locations: Bristol

Client base: UK

Specialist fields: Mortgages

Mary-Jane Haigh - Administrator

Mary-Jane has been providing a growing level of essential administrative support in recent years as our client base and range of services has grown. The importance of her work allows our advisers to spend more time on each client and has increased the value that our clients feel they are receiving from our service. 

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