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Joint Mortgage Capacity Assessment

Joint Mortgage Capacity Assessment


The Joint Mortgage Capacity Assessments include the same information as the Single Mortgage Capacity Assessments but instead of being used for one party in the divorce, the report can be used for two or more parties within the same report. An example of this might include - the Applicant v Respondent plus the Respondents new partner.


If you have been ordered to instruct a single joint expert (SJE) as part of financial proceedings. All of our reports comply with the requiremetns set out in the Family Procedure Rules - Part 25 Experts and Assessors.


There is a saving of £25 when compared to the instruction of 2 seperate single assessment.


Additional Scenarios:


Additional scenarios can be added to our Single or Joint Mortgage Capacity Assessment to explore how details of your capacity to mortgage will be affected based on alternative financial circumstances,


Additional Scenarios can be used to explore any change in financial circumstance, this may include but is not limited to:


  • Varying Deposit Amount
  • Increase or decrease in income
  • Change to employment
  • Increase or decrease in debt
  • Retaining property
  • Varying maintenence amount
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