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Standard Mortgage Capacity Assessment

Standard Mortgage Capacity Assessment


Standard Mortgage Capacity Assessment showing maximum borrowing, affordable borrowing and costs in a standard report solicitors, court staff and judges can easily understand and interpret.


Your report will include:


  • Details of maximum mortgage borrowing as confirmed by range of mortgage lenders currently present in the mortgage market.
  • Example mortgage illustrations confirming an estimate of costs related to the maximum mortgage borrowing.
  • Confirmation of whether the maximum borrowing amount is affordable based on disposable income calculatted from income and outgoings.
  • All the information used to complete the assessment, including income, outgoings and any other important information specific to the investigation.

The report can be based on any financial circumstances and used to explore how changes in financial circumstances might affect capacity to mortgage.

All information provided will be based purely on lending criteria and our extensive experience as regulated financial and mortgage advisers.


Additional Scenarios:


Additional scenarios can be added to our Single or Joint Mortgage Capacity Assessment to explore how details of your capacity to mortgage will be affected based on alternative financial circumstances,


Additional Scenarios can be used to explore any change in financial circumstance, this may include but is not limited to:


  • Varying Deposit Amount
  • Increase or decrease in income
  • Change to employment
  • Increase or decrease in debt
  • Retaining property
  • Varying maintenence amount
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