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Financial Protection

Protecting the financial future for yourself, your family or your company is a key factor and often the highest priority in many people's financial plan and goals. 


Financial protection creates stability and security as well as options when an unfortunate or unexpected event occurs. Whether it is losing your job, losing a loved one or a key employee or being diagnosed with a serious illness, we all will face difficult times in our work and personal lives. Unfortunately, these events often have financial knock-on effects which can strain relationships and in extreme cases mean you lose your home or business.

How can we help?


Life Cover

Put simply, life cover pays out a lump sum upon death. It's commonly used to provide financial support to remaining family, such as to pay off outstanding mortgage payments, however, it can also be used as an inheritance tax tool. 


Losing a loved one is always hard, and the impacts on finances and day-to-day life can be challenging. It may mean a sudden loss in income, or the sudden need for childcare and having the right kind of life cover will ensure that your loved ones are taken care of and can maintain their standard of living. 

Domus Financial Services Long Term Care Planning

Critical Illness Cover


Critical Illness Cover will pay out a lump sum on diagnosis of a critical illness, such as cancer, stroke, heart attack or multiple scierosis to name just a few. 

The average age of suffering a critical illness in the UK is just 48*, therefore it is important that you and your family are properly protected in such an event. The lump sum can be used to take time off work to rest and spend crucial time with family, make adjustments to the home, pay for private treatment or for any other purpose you choose. 

*Source: Legal & General - Critical Illness Claims 2018

Domus Financial Services Long Term Care Planning

Income Protection


It's fair to assume that most of us would experience financial difficulty if we lost our income. Whilst benefits are available, the process can take months and they most likely won't cover the income you have lost. Income protection pays you an income should you be unable to work due to sickness, illness or redundancy and you can start getting paid from day one. 

Domus Financial Services Family Income Benefit

Private Health


As NHS services are being squeezed, more and more people are turning to private healthcare as an alternative. If you or a family member were to get ill or require medical treatment, private healthcare can often provide faster and a higher quality of care. 

Our advisers can help you navigate through the various providers and policies and find the most affordable and suitable private health plan for your needs. 

Domus Financial Services Private Medical Insurance

Protecting your Company


What happens to your business if you lose a key worker, your top salesperson or a charismatic leader? Or if you're self-employed and you are suddenly unable to work?


We work with small to medium-sized companies, directors, executives and self-employed individuals to ensure they have the financial protection in place to provide stability and security for their business and revenue, during challenging times, that could otherwise have serious and long-lasting financial consequences. 

Domus Financial Services Private Medical Insurance
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