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Domus Financial Services offices

Who we are

Domus Financial Services are a holistic financial advisory and planning practice providing trusted and experienced advice to help you meet your long-term financial goals, make informed decisions and adapt to all the challenges you will face along the way.

Whether an individual, family, business or charity, we will work with you on long-term basis ensuring that you have access to all the support, guidance and advice you need when making any financial decision.

About our Managing Partner - Alex Johnston


Working in Financial Services since 2014 with the support and guidance of Mike Haigh, Alex is now a Chartered Associate of the London Institute of Banking & Finance and at the helm of the business committed to helping our clients' families and businesses create and preserve wealth for generations to come.

“With the world changing, clients are rightly expecting more from their adviser than simply telling them where to put their money. Our role as advisers is to help clients achieve their aspirations for the future by making the right financial decisions today, however it is only with holistic advice, explained simply and with a clear financial plan behind it that those informed decisions and actions can be taken.”

How we work


Review & Understand

In the first step of your financial journey we will review what you have now and then build a clear understanding of what it is you want to have, along with any specific goals and objectives. This isn't necessarily always about money, it is also the other important things you want for yourself, famiily or business.


Planning and Advice

After understanding where you are and where you want to be, we then build your financial plan and strategy for getting there. Using  a combination of software, tools and our technical expertise on investments, pensions, mortgages and taxation, we will be your Financial SatNav helping you find the most efficient route, avoid pitfalls and enable you to make clear and confident decisions about your wealth.

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Monitor and review

Your Financial Plan will need to be reviewed on a regular basis to adjust for changes to taxation, legislation, markets, the wider economy as well as your own circumstances, goals or values and ensure you remain on track to achieving your goals.

Our Charter

In these uncertain and fast-moving times, it is more important than ever to have a financial adviser that you implicitly trust and who you can rely on to provide you with expert advice on all types of complex and technical financial matters. When we act as your financial adviser, everything we do is driven by our client charter outlined below:

  1. Integrity - Your best interests will always be put first.

  2. Fairness - We will only charge fair and competitive fees for our work and will aim to actively avoid undertaking work for you that we believe may be self-defeating i.e the costs outweigh the potential benefits.

  3. Accountability - We will provide our services to you efficiently, on time and keep you informed along the way.

  4. Development - We will never stop learning or broadening our expertise so to ensure you only receive the highest standard of advice.

Our Fees

Our industry is full of hidden, complicated and unexpected costs. We want to change that by removing confusion and being transparent about how and when we charge.
As a client you will not have to worry about being tied into anything and will know exactly what the costs are before making any commitments. You can choose to pay our fees directly through your plans and can opt out of our service at any time.

For full details on our fees and services, you can access our latest Terms of Business here.

The first step - Getting to know each other

We always start with a no obligation, no cost discovery meeting to begin the process of getting to know each other. This usually involves understanding what your priorities are, what you would like your financial future to look like and what you currently have in place. Once we’ve agreed that we're comfortable moving forward together, we will follow up with a proposal outlining where we feel we can add value and we'll discuss and agree the strategy and fees for the work that needs to be done.

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