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Our Services

We provide advice and support across all aspects of financial planning. Below is a brief summary of our key services:

  • Mortgages
    Whether a First Time Buyer, looking to remortgage or a seasoned property investor, our access to the whole of market and expert advice will reduce your costs, avoid delays and ensure your purchase goes through as smoothly as possible. How we will help you: - Get to know you and your situation. We will identify the unique obstacles and challenges that will apply to you when arranging a mortgage and provide solutions to these - Research the whole of market to find you the most suitable mortgage possible and provide you with a tailored recommendation - Explain all of your options and the associated advantages, drawbacks and risks of each - Use our techincal expertise to implement your mortgage efficiently and accurately which will save you the time, stress and cost of doing it yourself and avoid unnecessary delays or application declines - Once the mortgage has been set up, we will work with you through the years to regularly review and if necessary arrange any remortgages Who we help: - First Time Buyers and home movers - Those who need to remortgage - Buy to Let landlords - Large portfolio investors - Specialist borrowers on hmos, land, semi-commercial, complex properties What our advice costs: Our advice fee is normally a fixed rate of £500 however in some circumstances this may be lower. It will never be more. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. Some Buy to Let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Commercial mortgages are available by referral only.
  • Savings & Investments
    You may have never invested before or you may have an existing portfolio that needs to be reviewed. Our expertise and advice will be tailored to your unique situation and goals allowing you to make confident and informed decisions about your investment portfolio. Our advice will cover the following: - Advantages, drawbacks and risks of short, medium, and long-term investments. - Using government allowances, concessions, and tax relief effectively. - How to structure investments according to your needs. - Recommendation and implementation of investments most suitable for your situation. - Ongoing advice to adjust to changes in your circumstances, legislation, taxatioon, the markets and the wider economy. We can help with the following; - Cash and fixed-interest savings - ISA's - Investment Funds - Investment Bonds - Mutual Funds - Offshore Investments - Guaranteed Products - Structured Products The value of investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested. Investors do not pay any personal tax on income or gains for ISAs but do pay tax on income from stocks and shares within the funds. Cash is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change.
  • Retirement Planning & Pensions
    Pensions and retirement itself is constantly evolving and becoming more complex than ever leading to uncertainty and confusion about how we will support ourselves when we stop working and whether or not we are doing enough to achieve the type of retirement we would like. You may have built up a number of pots during your working life that you haven't reviewed for decades, or perhaps you're self-employed and want to know if you should set up your own pension. You may already be retired and not sure on the best way to structure and decumulate your assets to provide you with an income. Whatever your situation, you now have more flexibility than ever on your retirement options and we are here to support you in making the right decisions and maximising your quality of life in retirement. We can help with the following: - Setting up new personal pensions - Consolidating your multiple pension pots - Equity Release - Long-Term Care Planning - Estate Planning - Helping businesses set up and review their pensions to meet their obligations The value of pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested. Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Equity release will reduce the value of your estate and can affect your eligibility for means tested benefits.
  • Financial Protection
    Protecting the financial future for yourself, your family or your business is a priority and key factor to ensuring you can meet your long-term financial plan and goals. Having financial protection creates stability and security as well as giving you options when things go wrong. From losing your job, a loved one or a key employee to being diagnosed with a serious or long-term illness. Most of us will face such an event more than once during our working lifetime which will have a direct financial impact on us and can also have knock-on effects such as causing strain on relationships, the family home or your business. We can help with the following: - Life Cover - Serious Illness Cover - Protecting your income in the event of accident, illness or redundancy - Private healthcare - Protection your business if you have key employees or are self-employed - Providing financial protection for your employees
  • Tax Planning
    Our tax system in the UK is the most complex in the world and is therefore easy as well as expensive to get wrong. You may want to know how you can pass on as much of your wealth as possible to your loved ones, set up a trust, or want to ensure that your income, assets, liabilities and business interests are structured as tax-efficiently as possible. We can help with tax planning as a separate matter or as part of a wider review of your financial arrangements. ​ You may already be using an accountant however, it is important to understand that accounting which is primarily used to meet your current tax obligations is very different from financial advice which is concerned with planning ahead to mitigate and simplify your future obligations. Where appropriate, we work alongside our client's accountants to ensure compatibility and continuity of your long-term financial plan. The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate tax planning.
  • Equity Release
    Equity release lets you access the equity tied up in your home if you are over the age of 55. You can take the money you release as a lump sum or smaller amounts on an ad hoc basis. ​ Releasing equity from your home is a lifetime commitment and will also reduce the amount of inheritance you can leave, however it can also be a valuable solution for individuals who are asset rich to improve their standard of living in retirement. As such it is a advised to involve your family in the process. Lenders will require you to take professional advice before agreeing to release funds. ​ We will help with the following: - Identifying alternative options to equity release - Clearly outlining all the benefits and drawbacks of releasing equity - Explain all the options and features that are now available with equity release mortgages - Impact that equity release can have on your IHT and state benefits - Researching the whole market to find the most suitable lender and product to meet your needs - Making and implementing our recommindation and seeing the process through until you recieve your funds Equity release will reduce the value of your estate and can affect your eligibility for means tested benefits.
  • Business Financial Planning
    Business Financial Planning is designed to provide your company with the advice, tools and solutions necessary for it to grow and meet its long-term financial objectives. We take the time to understand your business, it's goals and values as well as take into account the personal financial planning needs of the owners, directors and senior employees. We know how to work closely with accountants, lawyers, tax advisers and trustees to provide coordinated and seamless advice. We can help with the following: - Personal wealth management for the owners and directors - Setting up and reviewing your pension scheme to meet your auto-enrollment requirements, reduce administrative work and ensuring good outcomes for your employees - Arranging financial protection for your business to help mitigate loss of profits, capacity or expertise following a serious illness or death of an owner, director or key employee. - Succession planning helping you to effectively and efficiently transition, manage and decumulate your wealth generated from the business into your personal estate and future projects while securing the ongoing success of the business in it's own right. - Personal financial planning assessments or regular financial education seminars for your employees about their pensions or other financial topics - Implementing an employee benefits package to improve engagement, loyalty and morale. This can include but not limited to salary sacrifice, private medical insurance, group life, serious illness and income protection policies, advice surgeries and seminars and day to day benefits such as gym memberships, 'bike to work' schemes. - Corporate financing whether this is raising funds through EISs or VCTs or you are looking at purchasing new premises through your business or your pension. EISs and VCTs invest in assets that are high risk and can be difficult to sell such as shares in unlisted companies. The value of investments and pensions and the income from them can fall as well as rise and investors may not get back what you originally invested, even taking into account the tax benefits. EISs and VCTs are for experienced investors only and aren't suitable for new clients. Transferring out of a final salary pension is unlikely to be in the best interests of most people. The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate auto enrolment and some employee benefits.
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