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We all know where to go if we are worried about our physical health or where to take our car to get repaired, but where do we go to get a check up on or improve our financial health?

Our free Financial Healthcheck is designed to give you an in depth insight into your financial health which is followed up by a summary report from a Chartered Financial Adviser. At the end, you will have a much clearer understanding of your financial arrangements, your ambitions for the future and the steps you could take towards reaching these more efficiently.

How it works

Get your Financial Healthcheck in 5 minutes

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Choose your healthcheck

We have a few types of healthchecks you can take which are tailored to different people. Pick the one you feel is most relevant to you.

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Tell us about you

Tell us a few details about your finances and circumstances with simple and easy yes/no and multiple choice questions. We'll calculate your results and provide you a financial health score.

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Receive your report

You will then receive a more in depth report from a Chartered Financial Adviser which will provide additional information and context around your finances, potential options and steps you could be making towards achieving your goals. It is completely private and confidential.

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Take Action

Following your report, you will have a clear idea of what steps you need to take towards imrpoving your financial health. If your circumstances are particularly complex or you feel you might benefit from professional advice, you can book in an appointment to discuss your circumstances in more detail. This initial appointment is at our cost.

Pick your Financial Healthcheck


This is suitable for you if you're at the start of your financial journey with limited savings, have a mortgage or are concerned about your financial stability.

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This is suitable for you whether you're working age and want to know how ready you are for retirement or if you're already in retirement and want to ensure your making the right decisions to get the most out of your income and wealth.

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This is suitable for you if you have already built up some wealth or have a high level of disposable income but want to ensure you're making the correct financial decisions to grow your wealth further while maximising tax-efficiency and reducing risk.

We're Domus

With over 50 years of collective experience in financial services, we have been helping our clients, their families and businesses to understand their wealth, make the right financial decisions and reach their long-term ambitions and goals.

We are a small business in the quiet suburb of Westbury-on-Trym in Bristol, however through our network Quilter, a FTSE 250 company have the level of resources and support normally only available to large businesses. This enables us the benefit of both worlds where we can provide our clients with an extremely personable and local service while keeping our fees at a fair price. Furthermore, unlike most other advisers we have the knowledge and expertise to meet your every need in house, whether that is your mortgage, savings and investments, pensions or even long-term care.

From iniital consultation where we discuss your ambitions and goals for the future  through to building your financial plan to help you towards achieving these, you will have peace of mind and a hand to hold when making every financial decision both now and in the future.

Don't just take our word for it. See what others have to say

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