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Independent vs Restricted Advice

The financial world can be extremely complex. For independent advisers, the task of analysing and monitoring the enormous diversity of products, funds, wrappers and platforms is time-consuming and costly – a cost that ultimately finds its way to you.

On the other hand restricted advice can sometimes mean an adviser offering solutions from one product or provider. This can also lead to unnecessary costs and poor outcomes for you as the consumer.

Having worked with a wide range of clients in all areas of financial planning, it became clear that using a tailored range of handpicked solutions could help with this. Together with some of the most modern and efficient products available, this has proven to be the best way to cater for many of our clients’ financial needs.


So, by restricting our advice service to a carefully chosen range of products and providers, we are able to remove that complexity and therefore keep costs low, and focus more time on providing great service and better advice.

How do we select which providers and products we restrict our advice to?

Research & Governance you can trust

Analysis is regularly carried out at our network Quilter Financial Planning to select a pre-researched panel of providers and products that are of the highest quality, and that they remain up-to-date and appropriate to meet our clients' needs both now and in the future.



To make sure the investment panel continues to meet the needs of our customers and performs in-line with their expectations the funds are electronically monitored on a continual basis.


If any fund moves outside its pre-set parameters Quilter Financial Planning’s Morningstar Direct system automatically alerts the members of the MIG. The system also monitors fund performance by benchmarking it against its peers and reports any changes.


As an adviser we have access to the latest Morningstar reports that cover the performance of every fund in detail. This three tier approach means that making it onto Quilter Financial Planning’s investment panel is one thing, staying there is another.


By continually monitoring the investment funds on our panel we can make sure they continue to meet the needs of our clients.

Confidence in the advice you receive


When you are recommended a fund from Quilter Financial Planning’s pre-researched panel of solutions you can have full confidence that it has not only been researched to an incredibly high standard but also, if the fund no longer meets those standards your adviser will be individually notified and provided with a course of action and supporting material to make any required changes.

Expert Governance

Before we give you investment advice we first make sure we clearly understand your current financial situation, your goals, and how much risk you are willing to take with your money. Only when we’ve done this can we recommend the right investment products so you can make an informed choice.


It’s comforting to know that the products we recommend undergo rigorous vetting, and continual oversight from Quilter Financial Planning’s three tier approach to investment research and governance:



The Quilter Financial Planning Investment Oversight Committee (IOC) meets on a quarterly basis. It’s responsible for managing conduct risk and ensuring our investment panel provides good outcomes and fair treatment for customers.


The committee consists of senior Quilter Financial Planning executives and three non-executive members:

  • Wallace Dobbin – former Governance and Legal Director of Quilter Financial Planning

  • Keith Baldwin – former CEO and Deputy Chairman of Allied Dunbar

  • Andrew Clare – Professor of Wealth Management at CASS Business School.



The day-to-day management of the investment panel is the responsibility of the Management Investment Group (MIG), which reports to the IOC. The MIG consists of senior Quilter Financial Planning executives and renowned industry experts from Square Mile, Morningstar, Defaqto and Moodys Analytics who are responsible for providing valuable additional research and opinion.

Research & Governance
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