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Our Process 

It is our goal as financial advisers to provide you with the advice, tools and information to help you to build, maintain and maximise your wealth and help you to achieve your financial goals for you, your family and your business.

The most effective method to do this is by taking a holistic financial planning approach over the long term and working closely with your dedicated adviser. 

Take a look at the process below which details how our advice and recommendations are typically provided and what you can expect from us. 

Initial Meeting

1. Initial Consultation 

Our initial consultation is focused on finding out about you and your circumstances, reviewing your existing financial situation and understanding your needs and goals. Your objective may be to save towards a specific purchase, invest wisely for your or your family’s future or to make your business more profitable. The better we know you and your goals, the more we can tailor our advice.

The initial consultation is free and usually lasts up to an hour. It is also an opportunity for you to get to know us. After all, successful relationships have to be a two-way partnership! We also make sure you understand our process - we can discuss the types of advice we give, how we are paid, our ongoing service proposition and how you are protected along with any other questions you have at this stage.


Rest assured, this consultation is completely confidential and your data is fully protected. We also only ask questions that you are comfortable to answer and there is no obligation or pressure to use our services beyond the consultation. 

Your Goals

2. Defining your goals

After discussing the various options available to you, we will establish your short, medium and long term goals to understand your priorities and the goals we should be working towards.

We will then be able to begin working on developing a bespoke plan to achieving these particular goals. 

Research & Analysis

3. Research & Analysis

Having established your goals and a solid understanding of your circumstances, we will carry out in-depth research and analysis to help us to piece together a strategy for achieving your financial goals.


4. Bespoke Recommendation

Using the information gathered from your initial meetings with us, together with our research and analysis findings we will build a bespoke financial plan.


This will include in-depth recommendation and detail about how best to achieve your goals and objectives, fully explaining the steps involved to get there.


5. Implementation


Moving forward, we will handle all administrations on your behalf, liaising with product providers to ensure smooth implementation. 


At this stage, we ensure to provide you with regular updates to keep you informed every step of the way. We will ensure all documentation is issued in line with your expectations and confirm all actions taken on your behalf in writing.​

Monitor & Review

6. Monitor & Review


Naturally, over time your circumstances, life goals and the financial environment may change. Similarly, the performance of financial products can vary as economic climates change. Communication, in a style to suit your preferences, is vital to ensure we are aware of any changes in your circumstances or goals so we can continue working in the right direction together. 


We commit to monitoring and reviewing any plans we have recommended on a regular basis to ensure they remain suitable to your circumstances and objectives. 


We will also review your arrangements to ensure that your short and long-term goals remain on track and keep you up-to-date with important changes in legislation or anything else that may affect our plan moving forward.

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